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Donate and Become A TPC Sustainer

Your donation is critical to preserving and progressing our work as a Black-founded, Black-led, and Black-serving nonprofit organization. No matter what you can provide, all we ask is that your commitment to our mission is consistent with your belief in our vision. Build a justice-oriented and equitable philanthropy effort of your own, encourage those you know and love to join you in supporting The Person Center today!

Contact TPC for Survivor Assistance

Please fill out this form for yourself, or on someone else’s behalf – this form you will get in contact with The Person Center’s team within 24 hours. Please accurately and completely fill out all sections of this form, so we can better assist you or your loved one.

Request TPC Team for Public or Private Speaking Engagement

To request TPC for an event, conference, interview, or other public speaking role please complete the form below.
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Join TPC’s Volunteer Program

The Person Center offers opportunities for service and skilled volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Your support can make a difference, complete the form below to express your interest to volunteer with our TPC team.
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